Why Pablo’s Houses

Why Pablo’s Houses?

Pablo’s Houses is a Family company where main focus is quality service, we sell new build properties, but we think as a big investment, and an important dream you need someone to help you during the process.

Find your dream home it can be difficult , specially if you want to buy second home abroad, in a place which you do not really know, that is why we have consider all the details to do this a fun way to find the perfect one for you.

villas bigastro
Nice Villa Bigastro


Well we will interview you to find out what would be your perfect home, and after a proper selection we will organise an itinerary for the properties agreed.

We will select a few days to introduce you the areas, including beaches, restaurants, shopping centres…

We will do one to one viewing on selected properties.

Before you decided we will organise an independent meeting with an expert who will advise you regarding the paper work process.

If you cant wait to see our selection already, you can find some properties on our website. Anyway if you don’t find the one, do not hesitate to ask because we work with more promotions around Alicante and Murcia regions

We garantee no presure

Lot of time to Relax

Stress free

Do you know about our viewing trips?

Have you seen our post why you should buy off plan?

Any other questions Why Pablo’s Houses? Do not hesitate to contact us here


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